2013: My Year of Divine Timing

Happy New Year!

This year, as the title of my post suggests, is My Year of Divine Timing.  What does that mean?  Well, it means that this is the year where I finally let go of the reigns (a bit) and let life unfold.  This is the year where I take action based on faith, rather than fear, and where I trust that the magic is happening even if I can’t quite see it *yet*.

So much is unfolding this year already.  Two amazing projects I worked on last year are premiering soon:

Guys Book Club - Season 2

Guys Book Club – Season 2 premieres this Saturday!  I’m absolutely pumped to be joining the Guys and a ton of friends at Old Town Pour House in Chicago to celebrate this new season.  Lots of fun guest stars make appearances, as well as a pretty amazing old turquoise Cadillac. Look for the online debut at GuysBookClub.TV.

The Last Rider, a beautiful love story set at the turning point in history of the closing of the American Frontier, is currently in post-production.  We’re expecting a premiere early this year, and I cannot wait to see the final cut.  Not only was it my first time on horseback in more than 20 years, I also got to speak the Native American language of Ojibwe.  For a language nerd like me this was a dream come true.

And a fun voice over project I did for an awesome organization called Great Schools is up on the web!

I also have a *super secret* project that I’m producing and starring in which is currently in pre-production.  All I can say is that this one brings together multiple facets of me, and will help a lot of people reach new heights in their own endeavors.  More to come soon…

Finally, I would like to shout out a huge and humble THANK YOU to Bonnie Gillespie for her gracious and ninja feedback on my website last month.  Thanks to her, in 2013 the “News and Events” page of my site will in fact be…NEW, that is, updated faithfully every month on or around the 24th because 24 is my favorite and lucky number.

See you on the next 24th!


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