The Power of Practice

Well hello there!

February has been a month full of LOVE and things to be grateful for.  I’m happy to report that this opening up to receive in Divine timing thang is totally working!  Beautiful experiences have been showing up, and the more I open myself, the more magic comes in.  Aside from acting and voiceover-ing, I also teach yoga and coach people on how to live their lives in alignment with what truly matters to them.  Both of these vocations have taught me the power of creating a practice.  As my Eastern Wisdom quote-of-the-day calendar revealed to me:

“What you are is what you have been, and what you will be is what you do now.” – Buddha

So this month, I’ve started a practice of recording all the magical and miraculous things that happen to me each day.  What you feed grows, and the more I bring awareness to the miracles occurring every day, the more miracles occur.  It’s very awesome.  In honor of this practice, I’d love to share some of the magic from the past month with you all right here, right now.  And I invite you to take on this practice for yourself – all you need is a notebook and pen, and a few minutes a day.  Give it a try and notice what opens up for you!

The Magical Month of February:

Guys Book Club Season 2 Premiere – fun on the Red Carpet

GBC 2 Premiere Red Carpet - Adam Oles photographer

Photo credit: Adam Oles

Live Yoga Modeling at Lululemon Athletica Rush & Walton

Lululemon Cover Photo

Photo credit: Katherine Wilburn

Recording a fun voiceover project – my first IVR (Integrated Voice Response, the voice you hear on automated voicemail systems) – with my dear friend Sam Buti, who is an artist and voiceover coach…check him out!

Singing in my first Kirtan concert with the divinely talented Rich Logan at Nature Yoga

And finally…my *super secret* producing project…last weekend we filmed a test shoot for the first in a series of instructional videos for my specialty yoga class Yoga for Triathletes.  I’m learning so much being on the producing side of film, and it’s amazingly cool to be able to combine so many different pieces of me into one project!

Rehearsal Shoot 2

Photo credit: Katherine Wilburn

Okay, your turn!  What magical things have occurred in your life this month?  Leave a comment below to share the magic, and I’ll catch you next month on the 24th…


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