Letting Go / Abundance Flows

I moved to a new apartment last weekend.  And in the process of packing up, I came face to face with just how much “stuff” I was holding onto.  Stuff I didn’t even know was there, because it was tucked away, out of view, or in some cases it had been in plain sight for so long it had disappeared into the landscape of the place.  This got me thinking… where else in my life am I holding on to things that I don’t even know I’m holding onto?  What habits, emotions, thought-patterns, and ways of being are still with me, part of my landscape, even though I don’t need or want them anymore?

As the move date crept nearer, my anxiety levels grew, and I observed that the stress started to manifest in my physical body… my left hip completely locked up, making it difficult to walk down the block to the mailbox… my knees started aching and creaking… and I thought to myself, how interesting!  The parts of my body that allow for MOVEment (the joints) were resisting, locking up, giving out.  And in that moment, a shift happened.  I resisted my old habit of diving into even MORE worry, of fixating on the pain in my body in an effort to eliminate it, and instead I just observed it.  “Wow, that’s interesting!  I wonder if, once the move is complete, these aches and pains will completely disappear from my body?”

Guess what?  They did.

The physical gripping of my joints was released in tandem with all the little odds and ends that had been crowding my closets and cubbies, with the pieces of the past that I no longer needed.  As I LET GO of these physical things, I started to notice additional mental and emotional things that I could let go of – these habits and thought patterns that were keeping me from the fullest expression of myself in this life.

Ever since making the decision to leave my old apartment several months ago, (without knowing for certain where I’d go, or how it would all work out), I’ve noticed a huge uptick in abundance in my life.  As I LET GO of fear and control, I open myself up to new opportunities, people, experiences.  One aspect of this abundance that is flowing in is opportunities to teach and speak on this very idea – of letting go and in the process actually creating MORE.  If this gets your heartbeat going or the butterflies in your stomach fluttering, I hope you’ll join me at one of my upcoming events:

Improv for Entrepreneurs – Monday, May 6th at 6:00pm at The University of Chicago Gleacher Center

Join Jennifer Alexander and Dana Bernadine for a fun and interactive program sure to get your creative juices flowing and unveil new insights for your business. You will be guided through exercises in improvisation to unleash your ingenuity and expand your brain’s flexibility, as well as learn how to apply these capabilities in order to expand the possibilities of your business. You will leave with a framework and new perspectives to cleverly approach any situation as an entrepreneur.  Register here

Hosted by the Chicago Booth Entrepreneurial Roundtable

Redesign & Align – Thursday, May 23rd at 7:00pm at TantraNova Institute

It’s the itch.  That feeling inside that there’s MORE… You contemplate growing or transforming.  You may ask: What is my purpose?  What am I meant to do?  How can I contribute more?  Join Jennifer Alexander and Gina Marotta, women who’ve walked in your shoes and asked the same questions, for a mind-body-spirit workshop designed to help you open up to the fullest expression of your unique gifts.  Grab your spot here!

Hosted by TantraNova Institute

And…MORE Abundance!

Kirtan at Nature Yoga 130427

Rich Logan and Akoustikirtan

So blessed to be singin’ up a storm with Rich Logan and the gang!  This is from our last Kirtan at Nature Yoga on April 27th.  We’re chanting again tonight at Moksha Yoga Riverwest at 7:30pm…so if you’re in the area and want an amazing night, come join us!

We’ve also been jammin’ in the studio during the month of April, so looking forward to the opportunity to share more Kirtan with you via an album soon…

I also lead a Group Chanting practice every Tuesday at Moksha Yoga Lakeview immediately following my Hatha 1-2 class.  We chant from 1:15-1:45pm each week, and it’s a great way to introduce yourself to this ancient vibrational healing practice.

Jennifer Alexander Yoga Asana Bakasana

Bakasana (Crow Pose) on the shores of Lake Michigan

New yoga classes starting next month!

Yoga for Triathletes – begins June 4th

Tuesdays 7:15-8:15pm @ Snap Fitness South Loop

Registration link coming soon…

Hatha Vinyasa 1-2 – begins June 3rd

Mondays 10:00-11:30am @ Moksha Yoga Riverwest

Drop-ins welcome!


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