Surrendering to Receive

Wait, WHAT?  Surrendering (as in, NOT doing) in order to receive?  Sounds crazy, I know.

Let’s rewind a bit.  I’m gonna call myself out here for letting my commitment to blogging every 24th of the month slide.  April’s blog happened in May.  May’s blog…well, it’s June 20th and it still hasn’t been written…so, I’m surrendering that one, and recommitting to writing every month…starting anew with June 🙂

So what about this Surrendering to Receive stuff?  Well, part of the reason I didn’t write in May is because I was overwhelmed with DOING.  I even used the word “overwhelmed” in just about every conversation I had that month.  As I got overwhelmed, I also felt all the other “overs”: over-tired, over-extended…and I began to wonder if I was over IT.  “It” being this beautiful life of following my dreams and doing the work I feel called to do.  How could anyone ever be “over” that?!  I knew something had to give.

Luckily, I work with an amazing mentor and she introduced me to this idea of Surrendering in order to Receive.

It started with me actually scheduling time to S L O W  D O W N.  Time to listen, reflect, read a book.  To un-do. This was scary at first.  I worried that all these pots I had on the stove would boil over if I left them alone for even one minute.  But guess what?  They didn’t.  Quite the opposite.  In my slowing down I realized that my life is in a phase of great expansion.  All the seeds I’ve planted over the past several years have taken root, begun to grow, and some are on their way to becoming mighty trees.  The thing is, with this new level of expansion, my old ways of managing (er, controlling) don’t work anymore.  If I try to continue to control every twist and turn, then I will stifle the growth.  What’s called for now is to open up and RECEIVE the support and collaboration that is naturally available to me.  My Great Work is greater than myself, and in order for it to flourish, I must get myself out of the way.

And so I’ve been practicing this Surrender…and it’s AMAZING.  I’m still active, very active, but my mindset has shifted.  Letting go of the need to control has allowed me to be much more present in the moment, and to bring more of my unique gifts to every area of my work and life.  It’s allowed me to focus on the things I love doing, and do well, and other people just keep showing up to take care of the things that I don’t enjoy so much or that are not my strengths.  New opportunities have begun to show up – seemingly out of nowhere.  Without me having to “muscle” them into existence.  I’m learning that the act of Surrendering opens up space – physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically – space for wonderful things to come in.  To be Received.

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