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Last rider 2

The Last Rider (Agata Riley)
In 1890, just before the closing of the American Frontier, Round Mask, a Native American Indian, and Agata, his companion, live on the last piece of frontier land unclaimed by the U.S. government or occupied by settlers.  Pushed to the edge, Round Mask must decide between his love for his ancestral land and his love for Agata.
Guys Book Club - Season 2Guys Book Club: Season 2 (Wally’s Wife)
A group of married men form a Book Club as an excuse to get away from their wives.  Adolescent insanity ensues.

Not With A Bang (Lala)

Fourteen years after a nuclear apocalypse wipes out all semblance of what was once society, Lala, a mysterious warrior woman who never speaks and trusts no one, and Bryce, her idealistic companion, wander through the wasteland, using every skill they have just to survive.  When a stranger appears and challenges their very livelihood they must find a way to adapt… or die.  View gallery

Dinner (Lucille)

Paul and Lucille consider their options for having a family after Paul is rendered paraplegic in a tragic accident.  The reality of Paul’s plan to save their relationship threatens to destroy them both.  View gallery


A Shocking Accident (Sally)

Jerome goes through life being mocked at the hands of his father’s death and he’ll do what he can to escape the reputation.  Based on the short story by Graham Greene.  Click to watch

Grief in an Elevator (Vicky)

An awkward encounter between up-and-comer Vicky and down-on-his-luck Louis becomes even more strained when the elevator they’re riding in gets stranded between floors.  Click to watch

Wet Night (Lily)

Jennifer and Lily are on the verge of a breakup during an impending rainstorm.

Can’t Hide Chicago (Karen)

Karen, a young nurse who just inherited her childhood home in a declining neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, struggles to choose whether to sell the property to young urbanites looking to gentrify the neighborhood or to hang on and preserve the history, despite her inability to afford the upkeep.  This film offers a documentation of the ongoing homogenization of the city of Chicago, as well as a commentary on the broader real estate bubble and economic recession.

Entropy StillEntropy (Geena)

As America lies at the brink of war and with the threat of nuclear annihilation over their heads, ex-lovers Geena and Ben meet once again and attempt to rekindle their lost flame.  Meanwhile, fallen politician Pat Leary struggles to maintain his credibility when his own Chief of Staff threatens to usurp his campaign.  As these two stories come full circle, we are forced to ask ourselves what really matters in this world when everything falls apart in the end.


NighlightsNightLights (Hostess)

Erin Logan lives with and provides for her twin brother Jacob, who is severely affected by autism. After she stumbles into chances for love and friendship, she is forced to confront what it means to have a good life, and whether she can care for her brother and for herself at the same time.


Broken & Beautiful (Homeless Girl)

Through the music of contemporary Christian artists, the stories of the members of All Saints Church are woven together, and the characters’ dark secrets are exposed despite their best efforts to cover their imperfections. It is only when the characters are brought down to their knees that they find healing; that they realize that though we are all sinners, we are all called to be saints.

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